Dancing to the beat of her own drum explains Cathy‘s painting process while the words “free spirit”, “vitality”, and “dynamic”, describe her work. In the beginning, she has no definite plan or reference picture to adhere to, instead, Cathy paints from a place of stillness deep within. Universal energy flows through her onto the canvas. A dance of paint and medium ensues, creating the crescendos of spirituality, vivacity, imagery, and movement. Cathy’s choice of palette colors emphasizes a play with darks and lights augmenting the imagery, the mood, and the atmosphere. Depth and texture created by a variety of mediums intensify the ambiance. The restriction of rheumatoid arthritis limits small, controlled movements and the ability to support a firm grip on devices; subsequently, larger canvases and tools, including her hands and fingers,  add to the experience of feeling the movement of the paint on the canvas.